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We’re Brewing!

We’re brewing! One day early, although it’s a late start and an early morning finish. But the kit works and we have a little over 1600 litres of Pilsner fermenting…

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 General No Comments

Let the Brewery Installation Commence

The Hop Studio - Brewery InstallationThe Hop Studio - Brewery Installation

Dave Porter and his gang are here. Let the comedy commence… there now follows three days of ‘effin, blindin, comedy insults, and the most politically incorrect banter it’s been my pleasure to indulge in for many years.

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Groundwork Complete!

The Hop Studio - Under ConstructionThe Hop Studio - Under Construction

Walls are in, drains are in, floors are down, power and water are on – ready for the brewhouse installation. one week to spare!

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