Practice Makes Perfect!

‘If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing to excess’ has always seemed a good maxim for life. But I think we’ve over done carbonating the Pilsner. When it works it tastes wonderful, but some pubs have been able to serve little more than shaving foam. After some experimentation I think we’ve cracked it! The Three Legged Mare has sold out in less than a week and want to put it on permanently!

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The Joy of Bottling and Labelling

Bottling and Labelling. Now this is a whole new adventure. It looks easy on paper… Label, rinse, fill, cap, pack… It’s a good job we’ve got some chums who can muck in and help for a couple of hours. We’ll be done by 10.00pm, we’ll definitely be done by midnight, I can nearly see the bottom! Do you think we’ll be done by 2.00? Shall we cancel tomorrow?…

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Official Launch Events

The Hop Studio - Launch EventThe Hop Studio - Launch Event

A launch at The York Tap (and the Sheffield and Euston Taps and Pivni) courtesy of Jon and Jamie. I’m a bit nervous here – we’re going to drink all four of our beers and talk to people about them. It’s my first time drinking them as they should be drunk – hand pulled in the pub! Actually, they taste rather good! And we get a great write up in the press too.
Thanks Gavin

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